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Web Design

rosedarosa.com Copyright © Rose da Rosa 2007
Individual pieces are © by client or originating agency 2007 and are presented here as portfolio pieces.


Lincoln & Hyde

Modified beginning of a design for web site functionality and to reflect exisiting company logo and stationary. Built site using dreamweaver with templates to facilitate ease of web expansion in the future.


SpearMC Consulting

Spear MC is a firm specializing in implementation of PeopleSoft financials and training.
(Site maintained by client)

Other projects:
White papers
Email news letter

Role: Complete design and construction.
Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver


Spirit Cultural Exchange

Spirit Cultural Exchange promotes cultural exchange through work and internship programs in the United States.

Role: IA, design, built front end, project management for password protected sections being tied into internal database for agents.

Spirit Cultural Exchange
(Site maintained by client)

Golan & Christie

Legal web site.

Role: Built front end of this liquid site in css.

Golan & Christie
(Site maintained by client)

City Staffing

Web site for staffing agency providing staff for creative and administrative positions.

Role: Design, write copy, build site, SEO.

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Jodi Lovoi

Designed site to reflect moody quality of this artist's music. Also because it is a musician's site I felt I had more leeway to depart from the status quo placement of navigation and uniformity of pages. Added e-commerce capabilities using Paypal.

Other Project:
CD Insert Design
illustration for CD Insert

Visit the site http://rhythmsoflife.com/

White Lotus Retreat Center

Designed logo, stationary and web site for this Buddist oriented Retreat Center.


Windy City Arts

Updated look of this not for profit site for artists events in Chicago. Modified existing templates and implemented CSS to have clearer, updated layout. Designed new logo and navigational banner for ease of use and to reflect organization's name and mission.

Contagious Success

Worked with associate creative director/copywriter to develop concepts for this online company questionaire. Designed several layouts based on concepts. Refined selected design and built front end of site. Made templates and style sheets, coordinating with programming team to style jsp driven questionaire pages.

Programs: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash with embedded audio clips, JavaScript.

Internal Health Web Site

Role: Construct site using css for client update.

Detox Management Group

DMG focuses on drug and alcohol to clinicians working with addiction.

Role: Designed logo and built front end with css. Scalable font and to accessiblity standards.

Health & Wellness

This provides companies with health education and support programs for company's employees.

Role:Modified art director's 860px design to a 1035px format. Aided in construction using dreamweaver and flash.

Site Inactive: Company has merged with another health education provider.

RML Specialty Hospital

Role: Built site as per Art Directors layout. CSS, alternate css for older browsers, JavaScript fades (No flash because of slower client connection speeds and older browsers)

RML Specialty Hospital
(Site maintained by client)

Insurance Agent Campaign

Insurance company name relaunch. Targeting insurance agents to register and sell for the company. The campaign consisted of:

Role: Construction of emails, (micro)sites and banners using photoshop, flash & dreamweaver, technical advisor to designers and external DM email company. All sites were liquid (scalable) and adhered to strict internal guidelines.

VolMart CD ROM

Creation of VolMart CD Rom for promotion of voluntary insurance products to insurance agents.

Role: Creation of CD in flash, aid Art Director in image selection and interpretation of story board into flash.

VolMart CD - Introduction section

Flash required

Windy City Representatives

Creation of simple website; company's product line and contact form with three variables for this mechanical engineering and HVAC systems representative.

Role: Updated and cleaned up look of old logo. Design and front-end contruction of site. SEO and registration of site. WindyCityReps.com

Designed print version of line card. (pdf new window)

Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn

Creation of website to adhere to Best Western's new branding standards.

Role: Modified Best Western template and created site. On site photography and touched up photos. Liased with Best Western for branding and created template for online booking company to use in booking pages. keyambassador.com
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Creation of web site for Financial service company.

Role: Design and construction W3 standards compliant, css site. Flash elements. Coordinated and followed up with backend programmer for asp generated pages to insure CMS functionality requirements and design integrity.